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Biotin Side EffectsBiotin is a B7 vitamin and has been shown to have multiple benefits such as improving hair, skin and nail health in addition to playing a role in metabolism while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. To learn more about biotin benefits visit our article, Benefits of Biotin.  While many people are curious about the benefits of biotin, others are also concerned about possible biotin side effects.

For the most part biotin has very little to no side effects, even when used in high doses. One of the main reasons why high doses of biotin are not known to cause side effects is because any extra biotin that may be in the body is released in urine.  The following biotin side effects are rare and typically occur while taking biotin supplementation as opposed to getting it through food or topical treatments such as biotin conditioners and shampoos.

Allergies:  Although side effects are uncommon, when ingesting any new supplement, allergic reactions should always be considered.  Usually people who have a reaction to vitamin B12 or cobalt may also have an allergic reaction to biotin since it is also part of the B vitamin complex. 

Nausa:  According to the University of Washington Medical Center some people who were taking biotin supplementation experienced minor nausea, diarrhea and stomach pain.

Acne: While it not entirely clear why, some people taking biotin supplementation have experienced acne along the chin and jawline.  This biotin side effect has been known to clear up after a couple weeks once the use of supplementation was discontinued.


-Although biotin side effects from are extremely rare, especially applying a topical treatment that contains biotin, if you find that you notice an adverse reaction, consult your physician.

– To avoid acne caused by biotin supplementation, make sure to drink plenty of water and ensure that you are taking the proper dosage.

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