Hair Tips for Cold Weather

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iStock_000010511141SmallNovember is the transitional month from fall to winter, are you ready for it?  Most are excited for snow, winter boots, hot chocolate and winter activities but others are dreading the long visit from Robert Frost. Your hair, in particular, needs to prepare for the cool temperatures and dry air while looking fresh and up-to-date.  Strands get brittle, tangled and frizzy easily when exposed to the constant combination of hot and cold atmospheres.  Here are some hair tips on how to keep your hair soft and healthy and the trending winter styles you must try!

 Hair Saving Tips

– Wash hair every OTHER day – your hair can feel dry and rough during the colder months so you must retain the natural moisture produced by your hair by skipping the shampooing on alternating days. Even if your hair is naturally oily, by eliminating the heat and sweat from the summer months, chances are you won’t even need to wash your hair every day.

– Avoid blow drying – applying heat directly to your hair will only dry out the hair strands more, causing eventual breakage and split ends. However, if you need to head outside in the cold and you don’t have time to let your hair air dry, make sure to use a heat protector on your hair.

– Use brushes with natural bristles- Unlike brushes made with plastic bristles, brushes made with boar bristles help to redistribute the natural oils in the hair and on scalp more easily. They can also help to fight static.

– Stick to cotton hats – cotton material doesn’t create as much static as opposed to wool or acrylic.

– Use unscented dryer sheet to stop static- before you run out the door into the cold, rub an unscented dryer sheet (preferably bounce) on hair gently

– Check your products – While hairspray isn’t advised, if you end up using it make sure it doesn’t have a high alcohol content, alcohol will make your hair feel dry and stiff

– Stay Hydrated – drink lots of water and use a humidifier for hydrated hair and skin, with no static


Hairstyles and Colors for Winter

Burgundy – a rich mixture of deep red tones and dark brown



Deep Ombre – Dark brown evenly transitioning into light brown/blonde undertones

Deep Ombre

Strawberry Blonde – Combination of light copper tones and ash blonde highlights

strawberry blonde

Milk Chocolate Brown – Dark and light browns fuse together to make this creamy color

Milk Chocolate Brown

Midnight purple/brown – Cool purple tones evenly distributed throughout a deep black/brown overlay

midnight purple brown

Need a less dramatic change in your hair style?

Check out these easy looks for winter:

– Soft curls

– Flipped outwards look (short-medium hair)

– Side swept hair

– Angled bob

– Fishtail braid

– Half-up-half down with volume



The colder seasons can be brutal not only to your tan and mood but to your hair too! Go easy on the styling and shampooing and preserve your hair’s moisture for the least amount of damage. Vamp up your style by going with the seasons and changing up the do! Regenepure’s Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner is great for a deep conditioning solution.  With its many hair moisturizing ingredients, the Biotin conditioner is great for your winter hair woes.  It repairs, softens and add volume to dull hair.  Stop the frizz, the stiffness and those fly-aways so you can enjoy those winter festivities. Also, if you choose to change up your color, all Regenepure products are both paraben and sulfate free making the gentle enough to be used on color treated and Keratin treated hair. Follow these haircare tips and you’ll be turning heads at that holiday party in no time.


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