Shampoo Ingredients You Should Avoid

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Shampooing back of head

Shampoo products have become such an integral part of our lives such that not many people are taking time to research the ingredients in the shampoos. The ingredients contained in the shampoo really matter a lot because they adversely affect the outcome of how your hair grows. The following is a list of the worst ingredients that you can put on your hair.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

SLS is used in different products in order to generate foam. You can easily find this chemical in toothpaste, hair conditioners, soaps, floor cleaner and other personal care products. When salt is added to this chemical, it gives the illusion of being concentrated and thick. Using a shampoo product with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) could lead to diarrhea, eye damage, labored breathing and depression. Other research has shown that SLS could negatively interfere with the immune system.

Isopropyl alcohol

This is a solvent derived from petroleum. The solvent can be found in after shave products body rubs, body lotions, and many other cosmetics. When used in shampoo products, the hair reacts with this solvent eventually leading to hair loss and dry hair. Research indicates that ingestion or inhaling Isopropyl vapor could lead to dizziness, mental depression, narcosis, nausea and even vomiting.


Chlorine exposure through tap water, swimming pool water, laundry products and food processing can affect your health. Many of the products which contain chlorine may not be indicated on the label. It is however important to take care of your skin and hair by using products which you are sure of. Health effects which may be observed include asthma, dizziness, high blood pressure, nose throat, confusion, nausea, skin and stomach disorders, diabetes, lung cancer and many other disorders.


This chemical is generally used in cosmetics and shampoos as a preservative. Mayo clinic indicate that this chemical causes skin reactions, irritates the respiratory organs and can trigger heart palpitations. Other problems that may be experienced as a result of using Formaldehyde include allergies, headaches, chest pains, asthma, dizziness and lack of sleep.

When purchasing shampoo, be on the lookout for the listed ingredients. If you get any of the ingredients listed on the label, it is best you put the shampoo back on the shelf and look for another brand.



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