Keratin: What is it and What are the Benefits?

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keratin-benefitsWhat is Keratin?

Keratin is made up of a family of fibrous structural proteins and similarly to biotin, is naturally produced by our bodies. More specifically, Keratin helps to make up the outer layer of our skin, hair and nails.  Bundles of integrated filaments are formed creating a tough tissue that are considered inorganic. The word keratin comes from “Keras” which is Greek for horn.  This explains the protein features that work as a shield to protect the hair, skin and nails from external elements.

 Keratin Uses:

– Hair repair – Rebuilds the hair strand when damaged and works as a protective barrier

– Wound Healing – Once applied to cut, burn or infection, skin cells are activated, allowing them to multiply and restore the affected area to its original state.

– Skin Care – keeps skin working the proper way by rebuilding skin cells and fighting against aging and other skin disorders

– Nutritional purposes – citrus fruits, brussel sprouts, meat and dairy products all contain protein and vitamins that help produce Keratin

 Keratin Treatments: How does it work and who should get one?

Keratin treatments are very popular in the beauty world for making hair shiny and manageable.  When you get a keratin treatment, the keratin solution is applied first to your hair and then a mixture of other chemicals are applied, one of which is formaldehyde.  This gives your hair that straightened look while keeping it lustrous. The treatment is supposed to keep hair straight for several months. Women with frizzy or very curly hair are the main candidates for this beauty service in order to tame their unmanageable locks, especially in the summer.  However, if your goal is to maintain your hair health, it is always best to keep your hair natural and avoid chemical treatments all together.

 What is Hydrolyzed Keratin:

Hydrolyzed just means, “break down into smaller parts” which allows the protein to deposit itself onto the hair strand in the areas that need it most.  This break down permits the protein to penetrate past the cuticle while restoring the hair shaft to decrease damage. When hydrolyzed keratin is used, it produces more cysteine to the hair which causes less harm to hair when undergoing chemical processes.

The particles of the fragmented keratin proteins work to fill the cracks in hair strands, restore elasticity and contain hair moisture for the healthiest looking hair.


Keratin can be found in many different products both in stores and salons.  If you have the right hair type for this service, it’s a great way to get more controllable hair with a smooth finish.  Regenepure’s Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner has major key ingredients that assist in hair restoration and healthy hair strands.  Keratin is one of the key elements in this conditioner and works toward rebuilding distressed tresses.  Tea tree oil, jojoba oil, copper peptides, biotin and silk proteins are other important ingredients in the biotin conditioner.  Regenepure’s goal is to help their customers develop strong, healthy, growing hair, which makes them feel happy and confident.

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